Connecting With Failure


There are few things more inspirational and motivational than reading about people who failed before becoming famous. In some ways, learning of person’s failure can be a therapeutic reminder of how fallible we all are as human beings. So how can we apply this to ourselves when met with our own devastating failure?

Witnessing the failure of someone seemingly greater than us can be the push we need to continue pressing on to our own goals. This is not to say that we should take pleasure or glee in seeing someone fail. Rather, it is what we do with that harsh energy that can either encourage us (applying what we learned) or tear us down (despairing at the impossibility).

Remember that those who have become successful in life typically have been slapped with some form of rejection. I’m almost certain that, like us, they were presented with a conundrum: Either channel the failure to drive them forward or submit to it, halting and destroy their will. The difference between them and us can ultimately boil down to our own decision to connect or disengage.

The next time you come in contact with failure in your own life, be encouraged by those who failed before you and still achieved their purpose. We don’t always win, but those that eventually do succeed made the choice to connect and persevere. It may seem crazy at first, but to give your all – to leave a legacy – it is often times a prerequisite.

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