When We Forget What Drives Us…


As a fresh-faced [voice] actor, a creative director on the side, and my willpower at its limits for various reasons, I sometimes need to remind myself of why I love doing what I do. None of us want to have something that we put every bit of isshoukenmei to make a reality to become tiring or dull. However, constantly striving for a goal, an end result, or just trying to kill the fear that creeps up on us can sometimes lead to losing sight of our direction. Especially if we are focusing on more than one desire, and none of them are producing noteworthy tangible results.

In my own life, finding ways to stay on track and self-motivated have been struggles that led me to consider these things. A few ways that tend to remind me of my drive consist of:

  • Going back to a source that excited us to begin the journey: Whether it be an old favorite book, a new anime series, or an article written by a successful individual, reminding ourselves of that unbridled excitement we had years ago can be rejuvenating.
  • Being exposed to a fresh perspective related to our pursuit: Find someone new who is already doing what you’re doing. Take what you can from their technique and approach, and try to incorporate it into yours. This can facilitate growth and encourage experimentation.
  • Taking a step back to see how far we’ve come: Instead of thinking we haven’t moved very far, note the accomplishments and failures. Both are signs of forward motion. If we really are passionate, recalling them can push us further and get back on track.
  • Seeking input from a trusted friend who has watched us from the beginning: If you are unable to be objective in judging your own progress, find that person who can be for you. We are our own worst critic, and hearing someone’s else’s perspective can wake us up to what we may not have seen in our own tunnel vision.

What do you do when you forget what drives you forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. To be quite honest, I’ve always wondered that as well about voice acting; why I started it, what got me so passionate about it.

    Whenever I reach to that phase, I always remind myself that it is something that will determine my future, and that I’m willing to see what’s out there for me. It is a passion to me whether I have a reason or not.

    What I do when this happens to me: Step back, take a breather for a moment, and concentrate again. It’s somewhat like… how you stretch before you begin a track race. It also works with real life goals in general as well. We all have the drive to do anything you wanna do in life, it doesn’t “go away”, or “fade out”. You just need to do what you can to keep that drive alive.

    Want me to be more descriptive? Respond back, and I can explain more. =)

  2. What motivates me to bring up my editor every day is the knowledge that I’m doing meaningful, challenging work. Which makes it real difficult here recently, since I’m not.

    I’m working to change this but it’s hard to stare at the editor again when I’ve already been staring at it all day.

    What usually helps me (and mostly unintentional) are sabbaticals. When I haven’t touched any code for a couple of months (usually because I got laid off) and I crank back up again, everything is new and exciting and I can get a lot done! Keeping that going is usually a case of making sure I have the right partners to keep pushing me forward.

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